Do you identify as a runner???

Running can be anything from an enjoyable past time, to a healthy exercise focus to a critical part of our self identity (notably for the running tragics such as the author of this article!)

At Subiaco Physio, we are passionate about helping recreational runners to run consistently and strongly so that we can reduce the risk of injury and help to reach their fitness goals. We love our running and surrounding ourselves with runners!

Here’s what we have on offer to help you with your running journey:

1. Run Strong Classes

Did you know that strength training has been shown to help long distance runners?

Regular running specific strength work can:

  • Reduce injury risk
  • Improve your overall running speed
  • Improve bone density
  • Improve running economy
  • Improve running technique

With this in mind, we have designed a 50 minute class to help you run further, safer, faster and stronger. In each class, we will:

  • Focus on strength exercises that are specific to runners 
  • Teach and monitor safe technique 
  • Coach you through various exercise progressions
  • Help you with weight selection
  • Show you how to regress or progress your exercises depending on your current level 
  • Have no more than five participants 

Book now to try one of our running strength classes. Private health rebates apply.

2. Sports Massage

If you go into the medical rooms of any elite sporting club or organisation in Australia, you will find massage therapy as one of the most important modalities used to facilitate recovery and performance. Regular soft tissue release will allow you to recover sooner and then get back training with less down time. On top of this, massage can be a great reward for anyone in the midst of a heavy block of training in need of some TLC for their fatigues muscles.

Our in-house massage therapist, Mattia Locatelli, has vast experience working with elite athletes. He also understands runners as he is currently training for the Perth Running Festival Marathon!

Matt is with us on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Book in with him and treat yourself!

3. Perth Run Collective Track Tuesdays

Subiaco Physiotherapy is proud to be home to Perth Run Collective Track Tuesdays. Come down at 5.45pm every Tuesday and join in with plenty of friendly and welcoming faces as we jog up to Subiaco Oval for our running session. Once we’re up there, we’ll take you for an interval running session. We’ve chosen to run intervals because it keeps us all together in one space but allows everyone of all running abilities to run at their own pace. Everyone welcome, always. 

Check out PRC on instagram

4. Run Coaching with Force Endurance

We’ve joined forces with Kris Hailes at Force Endurance to bring some high quality running coaching to you. Kris coaches runners of all ages and abilities and can only be described as one of the more friendly and upbeat coaches you’ll ever cross paths with. He’s a sub three hour marathoner himself, and gets a huge kick out of helping recreational runners achieve their goals.

Jump on the gram and see what Force Endurance are all about or read more about Run Coaching at Subiaco Physiotherapy.

5. Managing your running-related injuries

Somewhere between 50 and 70% of recreational runners suffer at least one running-related injury each year. As much as we wish this number were lower, we love being able to help get you back on track. 

Our goal is to diagnose your injury accurately, identify contributing factors to your injury and then use this to formulate an individualised return to run plan. But be warned, you’ll probably get some homework by way of mobility work, strength work and load management! 

Either way way, our goal is to minimise your down time and return you to running stronger than before.

Book an appointment with one of our physios today!

And finally…

Our goal is to keep you running. The more consistently you can run, the less likely you are to sustain injuries and the more likely you are to hit your goals. If you get a small niggle, we suggest that you rest for two days and reassess. If it’s still sore, book in to see one of our team.

Good luck chasing down those goals!


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