Run Strong

Throwing enough hours at a problem can often lead to success, but why would anyone work harder when they could work smarter for better results? Our Run Strong program was specifically created to increase mobility, endurance, and strength in each 60-minute session.

Subiaco Physiotherapy

Group Running Class

At Subiaco Physiotherapy, we believe in a more wholesome approach. There has been a huge amount of research over the last decade which shows that strength training can improve running mechanics, reduce injury rate and increase efficiency and speeds in endurance runners, so our program really targets this. In addition to this, we also have a focus on mobility, running posture and muscle health to ensure overall performance gains are being achieved. You’ll be provided with expert guidance at every step of the way towards your goals. Wherever you are on your journey, whether you’re a beginner or an athlete, we’re certain you’ll finish each session with new insights and a sense of accomplishment.

Run Strong Class

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Different to a usual group exercise class

Typically, the primary focus of Run Strong will be on single leg control, strength, and power because we spend nearly all of our time running on either one leg or the other. Specific exercises based on your competencies can then be introduced to your training plan, and you will be shown these techniques during your sessions. Over time, these exercises will increase in difficulty to ensure your goals are being achieved and your risk of injury is minimised.

Alongside the lower limb strength work, we will target mobility and posture, both of which are important components of running performance. Similarly, you will be taught specific exercises which will increase in difficulty over time to ensure you are advancing toward your goals. These exercises will be taught and practised using feedback from your physiotherapist and feedback provided by you to the physio.

Most classes will start with a light warm up, then progress into some key strength exercises. There will be some more dynamic work in the latter half of the class and some mobility work to round things out. There will be no more than four participants, all closely supervised.

Given the nature of having a small group, no more than four people, you will be guided and supervised closely by a physiotherapist with all exercises. Exercises can be regressed and made lighter for beginners and won’t be progressed until we are comfortable that you will be comfortable.

Monday: 7.30am

Wednesday: 5.30pm

Thursday: 5.30pm

If you’re suffering from any sports related injury, Subiaco Physiotherapy is the best place for you! Our physiotherapists will be able to determine whether you are in a suitable physical condition to start this program. If you think you may need treatment before beginning our Run Strong program in general, please contact us to arrange a consultation. We are equipped with specialist training, equipment, and years of experience to get you back to normal, back on your feet, and running strong as soon as possible.

Exercise gear is best! We advise form-fitting and comfortable clothes to make this possible. There are many styles to choose from to personalise your exercise attire to help you feel more at ease.

You will be doing a series of strength and mobility work in Run Strong classes. We put a big focus on single leg strength, as this is most functional for runners. Lots of exercises require body weight only, but we will sometimes use weights and the reformer bed for more resistance.

The classes for 55 minutes

If you are planning to run on the same day as a Run Strong class, you are better off running before you do your strength work. This will reduce the risk of fatigue related injury, and help you to get more out of your strength work.

  • Reduced injury risk while running
  • Improving times (even in endurance runners)
  • Lowering recovery times (so you can run more each week)
  • Improving running efficiency
  • Making you faster up the hills

Yes. Given that these sessions are run by a physiotherapist, most private health funds will provide the usual rebate. This can be claimed on the spot using HICAPS.

Once is good, but twice is better! You will get noticeable benefit from as little as one strength session a week, although we can help you design a supplementary program to be done at home or at your gym on another day in the week to maximise results.

Services We Provide

We understand that every client is unique and has specific needs when it comes to physical therapy. That’s why we offer a wide range of services and treatment options, tailored to your individual requirements.

If you have any issues accessing our booking feature, you can visit our booking form directly or call us for further help.

Why Choose Subiaco Physiotherapy?

Our Unique Approach To Care

Caring Experts

Our practitioners care about you and your recovery. We’re all deeply involved in your rehabilitation.

Active Recovery

Using active recovery, we promote healing through movement and exercise

Sport Expertise

All of our practitioners are active in sports and use that knowledge to assist you further

On-Site Gym

We’ve dedicated a large space at our clinic to have a fully equipped gym

Easy Gap Only Payments

We Accept 100% of Australian Private Health Insurance Providers

We process your private health insurance claim on the spot via HICAPS. If your insurance policy covers you for our services, you will only need to make the gap payment on the day. Make sure to check your policy with your health insurance provider.

Meet Our Team

Subiaco Physiotherapy Professionals

We are a collective of highly qualified, professional clinicians with a huge variety of experience and expertise in spinal pain, sports injuries, pain management and rehabilitation.

Our staff has an ongoing commitment to further education and self development, as well as contribution to the profession and the wider community.

All team members belong to their respective professional bodies and are registered with AHPRA which exists to improve the health of Australians by supporting world’s best practice in Allied Health. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you might have some questions about Run Strong services, treatment & how it can help you.

If you have any more questions, you can always reach out to our friendly team.

You can pick between an in-person consultation at the clinic, or a Telehealth consultation.

Initial appointment
If you’ve never been to the clinic before, or you have but a >12 months ago and this is a new problem

Standard appointment
If you are following up on a previous issue with your physio

Telehealth consultation
For online video consultations that do not require face-to-face assessment and treatment

Extended appointment
For a complex case, a longer appointment time, our Exercise Evaluations & Programs, or CrossFit Performance Screenings

Clinical Exercise (Pilates) Initial Consultation
If you’d like to start into our pilates-based rehab sessions, choose this for your setup consultation

Physio Exercise Class
If you already have an exercise program with us, and would like to join us for some expert feedback and coaching on your program.

Depending on your area of injury, it can be useful for you to be able to move without the restriction of tight clothes. Sporting and exercise attire can make assessment and treatment much easier.

Don’t worry, though, your therapist will have a range of towels and shorts to lend you if you get stuck. We want you to feel completely comfortable during your appointment.

In your first treatment session, you will be greeted at reception and asked to fill out an intake form.

Your physiotherapist will then take you into a consultation room and start with taking your relevant history, establishing what you hope to achieve out of your session and viewing any scans you might have available. They will then take you through a thorough physical assessment and help to establish a clear diagnosis, as well help to identify any contributing factors.

Following this, you will often receive hands-on treatment in the first session (provided it is likely to help you) as well as be provided with an idea of a management plan. Typically, you will be given some preliminary exercises in your first session, although sometimes this is better off left to later sessions, depending on your injury.

We always aim to meet and exceed your expectations!

It’s always difficult to say as it is very dependent on your injury. The initial sessions will typically be about reducing your symptoms, with follow-up sessions being more about helping you to reduce the risk of ongoing pain and dysfunction.

We always aim to keep the number of sessions to the minimum effective amount and pack each session with as much treatment, exercise and valuable education and advice as possible.

We often say that hands-on treatment is your short term answer and that exercise rehabilitation is your long-term solution. So once we have worked with you over a period of time to reduce your symptoms, we will do a few things to reduce the risk of recurrence:

  • Education about when you can and can’t do while exercising
  • Exercise-based rehabilitation with tailored rehab programs
  • Customised return to sport and exercise programs
  • Advice around lifestyle, ergonomics, sleep, and posture

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