Do you accept HICAPS?

Yes, we accept HICAPS claims on the spot. This means that provided your private health policy covers you for physiotherapy, we can swipe your card and you will only be required to pay the gap. Easy!

It’s always worth checking with your private health fund that you are covered for physiotherapy.

Do you treat EPC clients?

Yes we do treat EPC clients, but there is an out of pocket expense.

You may be eligible for an Enhanced Primary Care plan (EPC) which is specifically for clients with long-standing conditions. You will need a GP referral for this. If referred, you can access up to five physiotherapy sessions per calendar year which are subsidised by Medicare.

So in short, Medicare will contribute $55 to each EPC consult. You are able to claim that on the spot (provided you have your medicare card) and just pay the gap.

You are not able to have a session subsidised by both Medicare and your private health.

What is the cost of a physiotherapy consult?

What is the length of a session?

What will my session include?

Do you accept DVA referrals?

Yes we do, provided you have a GP referral and your DVA card number. There is no out of pocket expense for DVA clients